Safety is our number one concern!

Our School Bus Constructed Vehicles or SBCVs are built to full school bus construction design and can be operated without a commercial driver’s license. Our 9 -passenger school School Bus Constructed Vehicle (SBCV) meets the EXACT SAME Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Requirements for School Construction as our Full-Size School buses! This gives you peace of mind that you can't get from a passenger van.

The Ford E-250 van is a common vehicle that many contractors use to transport your school children, but there is a SAFER way! Monark has the answer.

SBCV 9 passengerM

  • SBCV is a 9-passenger school bus. The only difference between it and a “typical” school bus is no 8-way warning light system. In smaller capacities, there are children being transported in the same van a plumber or carpenter uses and that is not acceptable to us.
  • We bring the level of safety to these vehicles so that every child is afforded the same level of protection no matter what Monark bus they ride, from an 84 passenger Blue Bird All American to 9 passenger SBCV.
  • School buses are the safest means of ground transportation available. 

Safety Feature Checklist:The SBCV student buses that Monark provides have a completely gasketed steel body frame ensures that all exterior elements remain outside the passenger compartment, and heavy-gauge steel side impact barriers provide superior side impact protection.  They also include the exact same rear emergency exit as found on a full-size school bus.

  • Joint & rollover strength matches that of full-size school bus
  • Campartmentalization same as on full-size school bus
  • 1-piece roof bows, floor-line to floor-line
  • Fully padded school bus seat and seat frames
  • School bus headroom same as on full-size bus
  • Rear emergency exit door and entrance door
  • School bus windows and mirrors
  • School bus side body rub-rails
  • Heavy-gauge steel side-impact barriers and rub-rails
  • Right-front corner safety-view window and mirrors
  • Side-wall construction same as on full-size school bus