Monark Mission

The safe transportation of school children is the primary goal of Monark Student Transportation Corporation.

Through the efforts of our highly skilled professional staff, as well as our cutting edge technology and top-of-the-line equipment, we vow to continue the Monark “Tradition of Safety and Excellence” by providing the highest quality transportation service available.

With over 20 years of transportation experience, Monark Student Transportation Corporation and its affiliate companies – Blue Bird Bus Sales of PittsburghQualistar Transportationand Qualimark Fleet Service Systems – has been dedicated to maintaining the highest level of excellence in the transportation industry.  

Monark Student Transportation Corporation and its affiliate companies are staffed by experienced transportation, maintenance, administrative and clerical professionals. In addition, a dedicated and highly motivated Management Team supports each of these companies on a daily basis – never losing that “personal connection”.

We have been the pinnacle of school bus transportation excellence in the region with an owned and operated fleet of more than 300 vehicles serving school districts in Pennsylvania. Owner Mark D. Schmitt said that the reason Monark has thrived throughout the years is because the company operates the safest buses on the market, hires the best drivers, provides outstanding fleet maintenances, and always puts the students first.

“We try to have Monark be the model of student transportation period,” he said. “We’re transporting people’s children and there’s nothing more important than that. We’ve even developed our own smaller, 9-passenger mini buses also know as SBCV “school bus constructed vehicle” that are built to the same stringent safety construction standards as school buses so that our children don’t have to ride in converted contractor-grade vans.”

School buses are built to last. Every detail of their design from joint strength to the high- backed, fully-cushioned seats serves one purpose - keeping children safe. Smaller vehicles that transport many kids throughout the region - ones that are typically white and have “School Student” signs on them - are essentially cargo vans with added windows and are not built to school bus constructed standards.

“Every day, hundreds of thousands of students are transported in the safest place they can be - the school bus the safest form of transportation in the world. But in smaller capacities, there are children being transported in the same van a plumber or carpenter uses and that was not acceptable to us,” Schmitt said. “Our School Bus Constructed Vehicles or SBCVs are built to full school bus construction design and can be operated without a commercial driver’s license. We bring the level of safety to these vehicles so that every child is afforded the same level of protection no matter what Monark bus they ride, from an 84 passenger Blue Bird All American to 9 passenger SBCV.”

Our heritage goes back two (2) generations with corresponding experience in the school bus sales and school bus contracting business. Monark Student Transportation Corporation operates the most up-to-date fleet of school buses available. Blue Bird Corporation manufactures the highest quality school buses the industry has to offer.

At Monark Student Transportation Corporation, the care we have for our students extends beyond getting them to and from school safely. Monark takes pride in its relationships within the communities it operates by actively participating in local Community Day celebrations, as well as various philanthropic endeavors.